There are a lot of articles out there about how to travel with children. But what about us, grown up children who go on a trip with our even more mature parents? You think that is easy? I think that travel with parents also needs it’s own survival guide.

In this global world where everyone lives anywhere but home, one of the main possibilities to connect with your parents who live far away is to travel with them. In my case, I see my parents at least twice a year, with me traveling back to Ukraine and them visiting me in Denmark. [click to continue…]


How would you describe a perfect vacation? As a blogger, my travels are usually intense, active and sometimes even more tiring than the actual job. However, when I say ‘vacation’, I am talking about the relaxing holiday when you do absolutely ‘nada‘ and let your body and thoughts rest in the vastness of space and float in the deep sea. If you are looking for this, then I know a perfect place for you! For relaxing, private and calm Greek island holiday during the high season, you need to go to Antiparos island. [click to continue…]


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