Europe road trip is an amazing way to see Europe, as it offers you plenty of flexibility and ability to visit as many countries as you wish in a time span you have. Road trip in Europe would be quite easy due to the fact that borders are open and countries are relatively small, so you can build your own  travel route. If you need an inspiration for a Europe road trip travel route, you can refer to my post on 14 DAY ROAD TRIP IN EUROPE. [click to continue…]


Prague – Hallstatt – Riva del Garda – Genoa – Camogli – Pisa – Rome – Ravenna – Innsbruck – Munich – Prague.

Ever dreamed of a road trip in Europe? Me too. And my dream came true in summer 2014 when together with other three-and-a-half amazing people (3 adults and a 3-yearold) we hit the European paths to spend 14 days on the road. During these two weeks we drove the total of 4.000 something km visiting four countries.

Before you hit the road make sure to check out my article on DO’s and DON’Ts OF EUROPE ROAD TRIP.

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Austria is a country worth visiting due to its deep lakes and high mountains. We spent 2 days of our road trip in Austria being challenged by curvy roads.

After visiting the medieval style Prague we have traveled another 360 km down south to get to Hallstatt in Austria, which is a small village with less than a thousand inhabitants but with an access to big and stunning Hallstätter lake. [click to continue…]


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