I rarely post travel unrelated thoughtful posts, but it is one of those thoughts I want to stick. And not just for me, but for as many people who might read this as possible. For those, who struggle in their low without knowing how to get out. Below I’ll try to share and explain a life philosophy which I’ve tested on myself a number of times.

Why You Need to Love What You Have

‘Fuck it all, I quit’ approach

Remember the last time you hated everything around you and decided ‘fuck it all, I deserve better’? And maybe you very well do, but when you dump everything in panic and try to find something better fast, it doesn’t really seem to work.

Let me explain what I mean.

For example, you want to lose weight, so you start a diet which you hate with every cell of your body as long as you are on it. And you might be successful in losing a few kilos. But as soon as you are done, the weight comes back faster than before, because you hated healthy lifestyle so much, you couldn’t wait to revert back to old eating habits.

Or let’s take a job example. You decided to quit your meaningless boring job because you are too good to be wasting your potential in this hellhole. But once you do, it takes you months and months to find something better. And you wonder why don’t all those headhunters jump right at your super awesome skills? Well, that might be because you became edgy and desperate. And nobody wants to deal with a quitter.

Or, on the other hand, you might see this dream job that you think would be just perfect for you, so you send in your resume, call three times to confirm they got it, and follow up a few times to see if they can schedule an interview. And in a few week’s time, you get that ‘thanks, but we decided to proceed with other candidates’ bullshit. Does something like this ring a bell? Well, that definitely happened to me before! And it did because I grasped onto it like a crazy person without a firm believe that whatever I want and need will come my way as soon as I relax and let it come.

Worry is the biggest repellent of positive change

I am not a believer in heavenly deities, but for those of you who find Jesus an authority should know that even he said that nobody ever prolonged their life by a day by worrying about tomorrow. So let it just worry about itself.

In fact, quite the opposite happens when you try so hard to escape from what you hate – you repel all the things you want so so so bad. When you complain and show your unhappy attitude, nothing really changes. I know that complaining is fun and it unites people, as they love to complain about the same stuff sitting at the kitchen table. But sitting on your ass and complaining will not change your life.

So what to do if you are stuck in a shitty situation?

Well, my experience tells me one thing  – you have to learn to be happy with what you have before you can get something better. Sounds tough? But the thing is, you can not progress from the point of negativity, you can only exceed sending out positive vibes.

Never noticed that?

I’ll give you an example from my personal life. And things like this happen to me all the time!

When it was time to graduate high school, I didn’t know where to go study next. One day I saw a poster on our school board talking about a preliminary test to go study abroad. At that time, I had just fallen in love and started playing in a band, so studying abroad was not on my wish list. But I decided to give it a chance because it cost next to nothing and a bunch of my friends went. So, the next day I went to take the test without any preparation, more so, I didn’t even know much about the university that was administrating it. But after a few hours of tests and waiting in the hall, they told me that I passed. Just like that! With no extra nerve cells burned. Even though some of the kids who prepared for this test for months, failed.

Common area in my university dorm

Right now, I am super happy I read that poster and took that $10 TOEFL test because it turned my life around. But the most important thing is, I was really happy with what I had at the time, so universe decided to upgrade me to the second level. Just like that.

And if you try to relax, believe that you will be fine no matter what because you are already grateful and you love what you have, things will come your way. I am not saying that you have to lie on the couch and do nothing. Quite the opposite, be open to new things, go with your creative flows, try different approaches, but always do it stress-free. And one morning you’ll wake up with opportunities knocking on your door. Because happiness attracts more good stuff and negativity repels it.

What if I have nothing to love?


I know that all of us have different circumstances and you might think ‘easy for you to say you, but I don’t have this or that‘. But it is not about having more things. It is about loving what you already have. There are positive aspects to every life: you might have awesome friends who you are grateful for, your own bedroom with gigantic window, new shoes that you always wanted, your favorite books that inspire you, flowers in the garden, a dog that is always happy to see you, anything!

Just look around, find what you love and build on it every day.

My parents’ cute kittens

As soon as you learn to love what you have, life will surprise you with something better.

I didn’t mean to sound preachy as, by all means, I am not an authority on the topic. But I know that one day when I feel like everything goes wrong and I am failing at everything I planned, I should just go back to this post and remind myself that I would never be able to progress from the point of low.

Love yourself, love what you have.

Wish you only positive thoughts.

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