You know that item on your wish-list that you treat like, “I’ll do that someday”?  Well, that’s how we’ve been treating a trip to the USA. Eventually, we’ve just applied the ‘screw it, let’s do it’ technique and bought flight tickets to New York for 2016 Christmas period. Strangely enough, this short trip to New York did not evoke any extraordinary feelings in me which I usually get when I travel to new places. At first, I was alarmed. Why wasn’t I getting more excited about seeing New York for the first time? And then is slowly came to me…that is because I felt like I had been to New York already! Seriously, haven’t I? [click to continue…]

Lviv is simply unrecognizable. I have been there multiple times before but this time I simply couldn’t believe I was still in Ukrainian Lviv, a city that 8 years ago although looking pretty, seemed to collapse any minute. You couldn’t walk the broken sidewalks, the buildings were a moment from collapsing and streets were not in its best cleaning wise. [click to continue…]

With the talks and jokes about people wanting to flee from America after the election, I think I’ve seen several articles popping up about the best places to move to. Of course, Denmark always ends up to be one of them. And there is a reason for that. In 2016, for example, Denmark topped the list of countries with the best quality of life.

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Now that I’ve been rambling about my trips for quite some time, it came to a point where I feel I should/can share tips on how I plan my trips with you.

To me, it’s all about planning. Not just because it is a smart thing to do, but because the anticipation of the trip itself is already making me all excited. After all, holiday itself can go by in a blink of an eye, but the excitement that builds up before the trip is what gets you going up until you can actually complete your travel.

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This is a post for all of you who live away from home, your true home where you’ve been born and raised. Every now and again you still visit, but not nearly as much as you wanted to. You miss your old room, your family dog, and your grandma’s warm soup. You keep up with the local news just to be in line with the reality, but how much are you really present? Here are 10 signs you’ve been away from home for too long! [click to continue…]

I’ve never thought I’ll say it but yes, after visiting Odessa I had to go back and reconsider whether or not Lviv should top the list of my favorite cities in Ukraine. The competition is suddenly picking up rather quickly, with Ukraine appearing on a tourism map of Europe. After the annexation of Crimea, Odessa suddenly and unexpectedly even to itself became the first go-to place for Ukrainians on vacation. It has a perfect location south of the country on a fine coastal line of the Black sea.

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When you’re on a mission exploring the new city, one of the cultural experiences and simply necessities is finding out where to get good food. Due to London being a center of various cultures, the city is lined with a cornucopia of gastronomic pleasures. London’s food spots provided in this article have lots of choices for any kind of traveler. [click to continue…]

Today I want to share a story of my friend, an ordinary guy from Mariupol, Ukraine who ‘made it’. Mykola Sokolov might be the guy with the best job in the world, at least in the eyes of travel blog readers or those who wish to be able to travel more. Why? In a nutshell, he actually travels full-time, 352 days a year, gets his hotels and meals covered and gets paid to do it!

Moving from country to country 2 months at a time, he gets a perfect sense of what it feels like to live and work in each of them, rather than being just a tourist or visiting on a short business trip. Hate him already? Let’s learn more about Mykola, the best job in the world and what is it really like to live a life of full-time travel. [click to continue…]

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