When you think ‘music festival’, Denmark doesn’t automatically come to mind, however, that might be a mistake. A host to one of the biggest music festivals in Europe and the biggest one in Northern Europe – Roskilde festival – Denmark has a wide music landscape which has been expanding even more within the last 20 years. [click to continue…]

No, this is not a suicide note. This is a gratitude note. The one I want to leave now so that at the end of it all, my list of unfinished things doesn’t contain a line saying ‘didn’t thank my parents enough’.

Mom, thanks to you, I feel the luckiest girl on Earth and I want to get it out now, once and for all. [click to continue…]

Whether you are traveling on a gap year or just trying to keep up that travel with a full-time job lifestyle, it is always nice to cut your travel spending. These days it is becoming increasingly easy to find cheap flights using the search engines like momondo or skyscanner that would select the best flight options for you. But how about the cheap destination options?

Well, here is the list of best cheap places to visit for under $40 per day hand-picked by the travel bloggers. [click to continue…]

I rarely post travel unrelated thoughtful posts, but it is one of those thoughts I want to stick. And not just for me, but for as many people who might read this as possible. For those, who struggle in their low without knowing how to get out. Below I’ll try to share and explain a life philosophy which I’ve tested on myself a number of times. [click to continue…]

I have been dreaming of visiting New York for a very long time. Three years in a row it has been on my wish list for every New Year’s Eve. The more I dreamed about it, the more amazing, unattainable and magical it appeared in my head. Come on, this is New York we are talking about, the city that had so many films, songs, and art dedicated to it! But when I finally came to New York which was also my first time in the USA, all that excitement seemed to vanish. It wasn’t the most beautiful city in the world, it didn’t have that greatness that I was looking for. More so, the experience of being in New York was rather frustrating for me. [click to continue…]

So you have also seen all those pretty Instagram pictures of white-faced Greek island of Santorini and you are sold to go? I don’t blame you, Santorini looks fantastic and I was looking into traveling there myself but when I saw the price tag on a one-night stay, I quickly changed my mind. Surely, Greece should be much cheaper than this! And it can be, for example, Paros island can be your alternative to Santorini. Situated in the same Cycladic group of islands, Paros offers the same amount of typical Greek white houses with cheaper prices. [click to continue…]

Guest Post Article by Sarah Smith.

Isn’t it frustrating that you have tried planning for a trip to happen several times but it just didn’t? You have long wanted to visit certain places, but your plans were always canceled. The main culprit is, of course, your lack of finances to support the trip. The worst part is that you have already seen your friends going to several places, while you are still stuck at the planning stage. No worries, you just need to learn some tips on saving money for your trip. [click to continue…]

So, all packed up and in anticipation of my first trip to the USA I thought that the thing I have to be worried about the most will be the immigration check on land. However, this turned out to be the least exhausting thing. The entire energy I’ve been saving up was wasted waiting at the airport in Brussels where our flight to New York was supposed to take off from at 11:00 and took off at 16:20 instead.

You know things aren’t right when you have a “Delayed” sign on your gate board long before the boarding is even supposed to start. But I didn’t expect that out of my 6 days in New York, almost one of them will be lost at the airport. [click to continue…]

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