Lviv is simply unrecognizable. I have been there multiple times before but this time I simply couldn’t believe I was still in Ukrainian Lviv, a city that 8 years ago although looking pretty, seemed to collapse any minute. You couldn’t walk the broken sidewalks, the buildings were a moment from collapsing and streets were not in its best cleaning wise. [click to continue…]

I’ve never thought I’ll say it but yes, after visiting Odessa I had to go back and reconsider whether or not Lviv should top the list of my favorite cities in Ukraine. The competition is suddenly picking up rather quickly, with Ukraine appearing on a tourism map of Europe. After the annexation of Crimea, Odessa suddenly and unexpectedly even to itself became the first go-to place for Ukrainians on vacation. It has a perfect location south of the country on a fine coastal line of the Black sea.

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I love coming to Ukraine. This is a place that makes me warm from the inside out. This is the place where you can feel yourself like a model! Even before you get the chance to leave the airport, young guards in military uniform are winking at you at the gates. The spectrum of emotions from encounters with people in Kyiv city is so wide that one minute you can be hating it with your guts and right the next second you’ll be thinking that this is the best place in the world. And that’s why I am still battling the love-hate relationship with Kyiv city. [click to continue…]

I always felt very ashamed that being a Ukrainian I haven’t traveled enough in my own home country. We always tend to think that exotic and exciting things are somewhere far away and rarely notice what we have under our own nose. [click to continue…]

I haven’t given up on promoting my own lovely hometown yet, so if you weren’t convinced by my earlier post on Rivne, fine! I will show you a different angle of it. [click to continue…]

Rivne, being my home town, is a frequent travel destination for me. However, lately even I started noticing how much it has changed, becoming more and more presentable and entertaining. [click to continue…]

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