When you’re on a mission exploring the new city, one of the cultural experiences and simply necessities is finding out where to get good food. Due to London being a center of various cultures, the city is lined with a cornucopia of gastronomic pleasures. London’s food spots provided in this article have lots of choices for any kind of traveler. [click to continue…]

One week trip to Scotland was one of the most memorable travel experiences I have ever had. It left me not only with plenty of absolutely stunning images but with great stories of adventure. Scotland is not like any other place in Europe and it deserves exploration beyond the reach of big cities.

I am going to share with you a suggested one week Scotland itinerary. It starts in Edinburgh, goes to the Isle of Skye and back via Glasgow.
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You have to go through seven circles of hell before you reach the paradise. Turns out that’s how it works. You don’t need to spend months in a monastery in Nepal to reach the enlightenment. Four days cycling around the Isle of Skye in Scottish Highlands will be enough to find out that shelter and warm tea is the highest blessing on this planet. [click to continue…]

For those of you who dreamt of a trip to Scottish highlands the name ‘Isle of Skye’ won’t be new. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Scotland. This guide will help you plan your trip and list down the things to see in Skye. [click to continue…]

Before arranging our trip to Scotland I searched on the web whether hitchhiking in Scotland is common as such. Reviews differed, but the common opinion is that people these days don’t do it that often. Which might be true, but does it mean that hitchhiking in Scotland doesn’t work anymore? My personal experience shows the contrary. [click to continue…]

I’ll cut straight to the chase – the city stole my heart. Spending less than a day in Edinburgh I was totally sold on living here. It could be because I was lucky with the weather or because of charming medieval stone buildings or warm whiskey, whatever it is, Edinburgh deserves to be the capital of the proud land of Scots. [click to continue…]

London! So much meaning in this one word. It is one of those places which no matter how many times you have been there, it will still draw you back. At least that is the effect London has on me. Time there is always too short and there is ever so much to see and to do. [click to continue…]

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