2016 is here and now is a great time to compile the bucket list for the upcoming year travel destinations. I’m offering you the list of countries that have been unfairly overlooked by tourists for years, leaving them undiscovered and quite affordable.

1. Albania

Being ignored for so long due to communist curtain and not being a part of the EU, Albania is an undiscovered pearl of Europe. This small country possesses the long strip of untouched beaches in the west and unspoiled Albanian highlands in the East. Besides natural scenes, Albania holds a range of interesting historic attractions: from ruins of Butrint representing the footprint of Greeks to city of Berat, which serves as a reminder of Ottoman history represented by white houses compactly built on the hills of the mountains.Northeast AlbaniaPhoto by Rob Hogelsag

In addition, for passport holders of many nationalities, visiting Albania is not an issue.

*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – no visa required 90 days

2. Malaysian Borneo

Most people visiting South-East Asia overlook the wilderness bundle that is Malaysian Borneo, which is separated from peninsula by South China Sea. Borneo is home to dense jungles, multiple caves and tall mountains. Unique species of orangutans, elephants and monkeys can be found only here, making it one of the best places to see wildlife. Malaysian Borneo (1 of 1)Borneo boasts to have luxurious white sand beaches as well, which presents a great possibility to tackle two different vacation types in one trip.Sapi Island Malaysia (1 of 1)*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – no visa required for 30 days

3. Panama

Unfortunately for Panama, it is situated too close to Costa Rica for people to choose it over its neighbor. Costa Rica has been hosting visitors for years, turning it into a touristy and expensive country. This is where Panama wins. Being relatively ignored, it still has that native touch, which hasn’t been spoiled by flows of tourism.

DCIM101GOPROThe pearl islands of San Blas in the Caribbean are home to indigenous population that keeps living within its traditions preserving the unique culture.San Blas Islads Panama (1 of 1)*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – no visa required for 180 days

4. Kazakhstan

No, this is not a picture of Grand Canyon in the United States. This is a Charyn canyon in Almaty, Kazakhstan! Intrigued?Charyn Canyon KazakhstanPhoto by Leon Hart

5. Namibia

Namibia is a country of many natural beautiful spots. It is most famous for its massive desserts, Namib and Kalahari and highest in the world sand dunes, which is the main reason why Namibia is also considered to be the hub for adventurous activities in Africa. Sossusvlei in Namib desert has become one of the most popular attractions due to its marvelous red dunes.4984586958_5a2a6b6e24_bPhoto by Monica Guy

If you are not a fan of trekking in the dunes, you can visit one of the best places to see wildlife in Africa  – Etosha National Park.Namibia. wildlifePhoto by Mazzali

*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – no visa required for 90 days

6. Chile

Chile is a country that stretches through half the South American continent offering wide range of climate types. The variety is also seen in natural wonders: from the driest in the world Atacama Desert to glacier landscapes in Patagonia, and high peaks of Andes. Also, don’t forget the remote and culturally rich Easter island!Santiago de ChilePhoto by Enjoy The Silence_

*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – no visa required for 90 days

7. Ethiopia

The cradle of mankind, and one of the countries that has never been colonized, Ethiopia is blooming with ethnic traditions and cultural celebrations. The years of political unrest have pushed the tourism aside. But now, Ethiopia is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa. Besides famous historical sites, there is a number of natural beauties that attract hikers and off-the-beaten-path lovers.EthiopiaPhoto by Alfred Weidinger

*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – visa can be bought at the airport for $20


Overshadowed by recent media coverage, Ukraine hasn’t been seen as a favorable tourist spot lately. However, this perception is false for 97% of the country’s territory which lives its normal and peaceful vibrant life. After hosting the 2012 football championship, Ukraine regained its confidence as a generous host with lots to offer. From cultural cradle of Lviv to snowy peaks of Carpathian Mountains and shiny golden domes of Kiev, Ukraine is the biggest European country yet to be discovered by international tourism.CarpathiansPhoto by Ihor Halkevych

*Note – majority of nations can visit Ukraine visa-free for a limited period of time

9. Haiti

Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake that took away quarter of the million people and has shaken down not only the earth itself, but the tourist industry as well. However, being a Caribbean marvel once, it starts attracting visitors once again with it’s dazzling sand beaches, beautiful sceneries, and most of all, rich history and culture.haitiPhoto by Stefan Krasowski

*Note to travelers – visa can be made at the airport with minimum requirements


No, I am not talking about an American state. This is actually a country! Georgia is a backpacker’s paradise hidden among the breathtaking sceneries of Caucasus mountains waiting to be discovered. This is a country of a proud nation bound by tradition, at the same time claiming its place in developed Western world. Get a tan on the beaches of Black sea or be revitalized by famous Georgian mineral waters, but whatever you do, do not forget to taste Georgian wine famous within the whole region.GeorgiaPhoto by Константин Александрович

*Note to my fellow Ukrainians – no visa required for 90 days


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So, it’s time to pack your stuff and make dreams come true. When if not now? Don’t forget to check out the cheapest ticket deals via Momondo or Skyscanner, read my previous article to find more tips on how to find cheap flights.


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  • Yuri 16 Feb 2016, 6:50 pm

    I am the first one! 🙂
    My next trip is Paris. Should be a good place to celebrate an anniversary 🙂 And the guided tour App from GPSmyCity would be useful.

  • Anastasia 16 Feb 2016, 7:22 pm

    My dream destination is Paris is well 🙂 mostly because of its charm, culture and atmosphere. Next is Barcelona for sun and architecture. Budapest next because of the movie of course. And fourth spot is Georgia because I have heard that it makes all foreigners feel like at home…and for the wine 😉

  • Nick 16 Feb 2016, 8:33 pm

    Oh, I always dream about Iceland! Because of meandering streams, bright green hillsides, roaring waterfalls and breathtaking views. It’s place where you can drive for hours on end discovering new things around every corner. A place where you can drown in the beauty of nature….looking forward to make a road trip there someday

  • Sabrina 16 Feb 2016, 10:36 pm

    San Francisco!!!! Will be takimg my bro and mom there, and heard the town is amazing, i don’t see a better way to discover it with them than getting lost in its street-well, hopefully not too much thanks to the map-!

  • Kaila 17 Feb 2016, 4:31 pm

    I’ve been all over the US, but I’ve never really traveled internationally. I’ve always wanted to visit Europe, but in particular Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Also, I’m really interested in going to Istanbul. The whole one city, two continents thing is just way too exciting to pass up.

  • Kate Mary 17 Feb 2016, 4:33 pm

    Hello travel-monkey! I would like to visit Egypt. I would like to go to there because I want to see the Sphinx. I always wonder how humans could make this without machines, or…pie 🙂

  • Nastia 17 Feb 2016, 8:14 pm

    I wish to visit Amsterdam and to attend flower parade, also to taste “cookies” at coffeeshops. Lucerne, Praha, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki…all of them i dream to visit!))

  • Ismael Brown 20 Feb 2016, 4:51 pm

    Well, in that case, I’m gonna book me a flight to these awesome places.
    Ismael Brown recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  • Olha 24 Feb 2016, 11:12 pm

    Ah, that is definitely a no brainer for me, I have been dreaming of visiting Iceland. I don’t even know where to start, the nature is soo mezmerizing. The culture and folklore are enchanting. I truly think this is the most magical place in the world.

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