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Prague – Hallstatt – Riva del Garda – Genoa – Camogli – Pisa – Rome – Ravenna – Innsbruck – Munich – Prague.

Ever dreamed of a road trip throughout Europe? Me too. And my dream came true in summer 2014 when together with other three-and-a-half amazing people (3 adults and a 3-yearold) we hit the European paths to spend 14 days on the road. During these two weeks we drove the total of 4.000 something km visiting four countries. [click to continue…]


Rome is one of the cities you have to visit in your lifetime, same as Paris, New York or London. It has so much architectural and cultural significance that you can literally feel its presence everywhere in the city. Regardless of that, city changed a lot with passage of time and not always in the good direction. Here are 10 reasons to love and hate Rome. [click to continue…]


Finding a cheap flight deal is where the travel planning starts, at least for me. There is no point in planning anything else unless you have the tickets to go.

Most of the time I have no idea where I am going to travel to next. If you are a curious wanderer who wants to see it all, same as me, the following tips will help you. [click to continue…]


Lisbon, such a remote place in Europe that it takes around 4 hours to get there from Copenhagen! Thankfully I had a book with me to lessen the pain of flying in a low cost avia where seats are too tight and no entertainment. But it is very much worth the pain of traveling there.

My time in Lisbon was limited, therefore, I still feel like I missed out on a lot of things that are possible to see around the city. But here are 7 main things to see in Lisbon in 4 days: [click to continue…]


London! So much meaning in this one name. It is one of those places which no matter how many times you have been there, it will still draw you back. At least that is the effect London has on me. Time there is always too short and there is ever so much to see and to do. [click to continue…]

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This is a story about my travel in Baltics, more particularly a weekend in a city called Klaipeda that is situated on the coast of Baltic sea.

Baltics is a trio of small European states situated on the Eastern shore of the Baltic sea, which consists of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Last weekend I spent in one of them – Lithuania, a country which most of you either haven’t heard of or confused with Latvia or whatever. [click to continue…]


Finally, after four days of being on the road, we have arrived to Camogli, a fishing village in North-Western Italy, province of Genoa.

It is perfectly small to not be crowded, yet also popular enough to attract tourists from all over the world. I have only good impressions of Camogli, with its nice, though non-sandy beaches, warm waves, beautiful narrow streets and colorful buildings. [click to continue…]


Italy is the country of amazing food, dirty side-roads, many tourists and people with attitude. But it is a ‘must visit’ country, due to its natural beauty, its amazing architecture and worldwide historical influence.

After our alarming experience driving in Austrian Alps, and not being sure about if our car can handle more of high alpine roads, we decided to totally cancel all of our plans in Switzerland, which included a lot of those. This meant that we are going to get to Italy couple of days earlier than expected, taking a different route than planned. That’s why I called this post “Improvising Italy” because half of the travel arrangements in this country we had to figure out on the spot.

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