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Austria is a country worth visiting due to its deep lakes and high mountains. We spent 2 days of our road trip in Austria being challenged by curvy roads.

After visiting the medieval style Prague we have traveled another 360 km down south to get to Hallstatt in Austria, which is a small village with less than a thousand inhabitants but with an access to a big and stunning Hallstätter lake. [click to continue…]


A nice and easy way to discover Europe is by taking a car trip. Since many of the countries are small and there are no borders in Schengen zone, Europe is perfect for it. Our 14 day travel route went through 4 countries including Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Germany and spread over 5,000> km. We were 4,5 people in a car (4 adults and one 3-year old).

It started in Prague, Czech Republic. [click to continue…]


Overall the 20 day trip between Panama and Costa Rica was a total bliss. It was my first time in Central America (well, America’s in general) and I didn’t know what to expect, but what I’ve seen was amazing. And these countries have loads to offer: from white-sand beaches with palm trees and snorkeling to active volcanoes and misty rainforests full of wildlife. So, you will definitely not get bored. [click to continue…]


Summer Weekend in the Mountains? No problem – go to Norway!

If you are anywhere in Europe, it is very likely that you can get an affordable ticket to travel to Norway for a weekend. Thank you so much, Norwegian Airline! Summer is the best time to go because the air temperature is the highest, but still don’t expect too much, it will probably barely reach +20C.

And that’s what we did. [click to continue…]

san jose

My post on San Jose is going to be a short one even though we have spent 2 nights there. Frankly speaking, San Jose seemed to be the most depressing place in Costa Rica, the only place where people are too busy to smile and enjoy themselves.

[click to continue…]


Monteverde was our last adventurous stop before heading out to San Jose and flying back home. We have already been traveling for over two weeks seeing beaches, islands and volcanoes. Now it was the time for some chilling in the rainforest. [click to continue…]


Jaco, quoted to be the most visited coastal destination in Costa Rica, certainly feels touristy. You can find anything you want or need in here: plenty of souvenir shops, tattoo salons, surf shops, cafes, restaurants and all of this for touristy prices as well. I think, this was the most expensive stop in all of Panama-Costa Rica travel route we took. [click to continue…]


Since our traveling plans were destroyed by Costa Rican border control, we had only one night stay in Uvita, which turned out to be an exclusively beautiful place. It is one of the undiscovered places in Costa Rica, but which is building up quite fast due to a large number of internationals coming down and settling there in the last couple of years. [click to continue…]