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Kinabatangan river is the second longest river in Malaysia but this is not what it is most famous for. This river is the embodiment of wild life in Borneo, an Amazon of Malaysia, if you will. It is home to some of the most fascinating and rare species, like pygmy elephants, Borneo orangutans, rhinoceros hornbill and proboscis monkeys among many others.

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One of the reasons behind going to Malaysian Borneo instead of visiting Malaysian peninsula is to see the famous Borneo orangutans. [click to continue…]


Having a long layover in Hong Kong? It is worth leaving the walls of a modern airport to explore the big commercial marvel. Thanks to the good transportation system, the ride from the airport to the city center by metro would not take you more than 40 minutes. [click to continue…]

isle of skye-2

For those of you who dreamt of a trip to Scottish highlands the name ‘Isle of Skye’ won’t be new. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Scotland. This guide will help you plan your trip and list down the things to see in Skye. [click to continue…]


Before arranging our trip to Scotland I searched on the web whether hitchhiking in Scotland is common as such. Reviews differed, but the common opinion is that people these days don’t do it that often. Which might be true, but does it mean that hitchhiking in Scotland doesn’t work anymore? My personal experience shows the contrary. [click to continue…]


I’ll cut straight to the chase – the city stole my heart. Spending less than a day in Edinburgh I was totally sold on living here. It could be because I was lucky with the weather or because of charming medieval stone buildings or warm whiskey, whatever it is, Edinburgh deserves to be the capital of the proud land of Scots. [click to continue…]


Copenhagen might easily be one of my most favourite cities in the world. This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you come to visit, since, let me guess…your first visit was ruined by rain and wind and bad weather, right? Those who are not easily scared will understand why it is named to be one of the best cities in the world to live in. [click to continue…]


Prague – Hallstatt – Riva del Garda – Genoa – Camogli – Pisa – Rome – Ravenna – Innsbruck – Munich – Prague.

Ever dreamed of a road trip throughout Europe? Me too. And my dream came true in summer 2014 when together with other three-and-a-half amazing people (3 adults and a 3-yearold) we hit the European paths to spend 14 days on the road. During these two weeks we drove the total of 4.000 something km visiting four countries. [click to continue…]